John "Shorty" Hill

.....Guitarist, Singer, Writer, Entertainer

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During the months of November through April Shorty spends most of his time living and performing in Costa Rica.  
During May through October Shorty is generally available for performances in the northeastern USA.


In COSTA RICA, you can book:

Shorty Hill & La Vista
Headquartered on the beautiful Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, 
this high energy acoustic/electric trio delivers a unique and exciting blend of Rockabilly, Swing, Blues, Rock, and a generous splash of je ne sais quoi!

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When he's in the USA, Shorty is available to perform in a variety of performance formats....

bulletAs an acoustic solo performer.  Concert venues, pubs, coffee houses.  Just Shorty, an acoustic guitar and a sound system.  Your sound system or Shorty's.
bulletAs a vocal/acoustic duo or trio.  Shorty often appears with bandmates Annie Zannini and Kyle Knipe.  The two women add some instrumental depth and vocal richness to the acoustic performance.
bulletAs an acoustic/electric trio - just Shorty with a rhythm section.  In this format Shorty performs essentially the same material you might hear him perform as a solo acoustic performer.  But the addition of drums and bass give the performance more of an "edge", more "danceable", and allows Shorty to do some electric guitar solo work.
bulletAs a full  5 piece acoustic/electric band.  Shorty plays lead guitar in the band Distant Neighbors, sharing vocal duties with Annie Zannini and Kyle Knipe.  The band performs a unique blend of rock covers, blues, small combo swing.  The energy is high, the music is danceable, and the vocals are strong and diverse.

Pricing of course depends on several factors - the performance format, the equipment requirements, the performance time and duration, the travel distance, promotional support etc.  Please contact to work out the details!